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At the Great East Music Store you can buy new and pre-owned instruments, accessories, and pageantry equipment, in turn, your purchase goes back to music and arts programs.

Hyde Park Youth Programs

​Partnering with the Hyde Park Community Center, IAM launched the Hyde Park Youth Percussion Ensemble (HpYPE) in 2015. Designed to explore different cultures, music, and instruments from around the world, IAM’s goal with HpYPE is to bring the joy of drumming to youth of the community, and to augment the students’ coursework in social studies, math, science, and language arts.

The Hyde Park Horns emerged from the original HpYPE program and have been learning how to play trumpet for the past two years. Weekly recorder lessons were added this past year.

In 2017, using the same structure as the original HpYPE, the Walter Denney Youth Center (part of the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester) formed the Denney Drums.

These free, no barrier programs introduce Boston youth (with a targeted focus on reaching low to moderate income children and teens) to musical instruments and instruction, reading music notation, and experiencing an aesthetic arts experience.


​Inspire Arts & Music (IAM) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop and “inspire” children, teens, and young adults in the performing arts via both scholastic and non-scholastic activities.

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Inspire Arts & Music
47 Fairmount Ave.
Boston, MA 02136

Great East Music Festivals

GEMF support the scholastic goal and growth of music programs by providing a non-competitive performance environment for hundreds of groups throughout New England, and soon all over the country!

Blessed Sacrament Colorguard

A not-for-profit, performance arts organization that is devoted to providing its members with opportunities to develop skills in confidence building, communication, teamwork, and performance while emphasizing a sense of commitment through the pageantry arts.

7th Regiment

Drum & Bugle Corps

7th Regiment is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) drum and bugle corps formed to provide youth a unique & comprehensive educational program in music, marching & performing arts. 

Photo by Zach Ashcraft

About Inspire Arts & Music

The Boston Crusaders are not only a training ground for future music  educators, but also leaders in education,  science, medicine, law, finance, and government. Their mission is to provide its members an opportunity to reach their highest potential, both as a person and an artist. 

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Many young people in Boston have little or no access to the arts and music. Every young person should have an education and experience in the arts. IAM seeks to foster and develop confidence, teamwork, discipline, and work ethic by providing children, teenagers, and young adults with performing arts opportunities and by supporting scholastic programs. The commonality of all the  programs is to create a safe environment; provide quality experience in the arts; build confidence and self-esteem; enrich the community; celebrate diversity and inclusiveness; celebrate the achievements of artists at every level of development; and ultimately help young people reach their full academic and artistic potential.